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We at Mini Bikes Store well know that assembling the new Dirt Bike, Mini Moto, Quad or Buggy can be a bit daunting, especially if you don't have a lot of experience.

We also know that they do require maintenance and repairs that's way we are uploading instruction videos about our mini bikes. With the help of the videos, you will have full review of the bikes, and you will be able to service them your self.

We have also uploaded the videos regarding the reviews of the kids bikes and the test drives done by the kids. Watch our videos to know more about mini dirt bikes, quads, pocket bikes and buggies.

08 Apr Maximum speed test - Torino 1000W 48V Kids Electric Quad Bike
0 3702
We test the maximum speed in a mini electric quad bike for a child. Quad Torino 1000W 48V with a 1000W brush motor and four 12V batteries with a total voltage of 48V..
23 Mar Madox Deluxe 1300W 48V Electric Quad Bike - Video Review
1 1714
Full review of the new Madox Deluxe 1300W 48V Electric Quad. Quad is equipped with a neodymium magnet motor, 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery, rear hydraulic disc brake, and thanks to three additional potentiometers you can fully regulate the power and speed of the mini quad...
25 Oct Mini Quad Torino 1000W 48V Unboxing - Full Assembly Instructions
0 1643
Video step by step how to properly assemble 1000W 48V mini electric quad  pocket quad Torino Graffiti from Nitro Motors (Germany) . Video will also show you what is in the box, how to test all the electronics, how to regulate brakes on your new 1000W 48V Electric Mini Pocket Quad Torino in Graffiti paint...
21 Oct Video Review of new Electric Kids Motorbike JACKAL 1000W 36V
0 3233
Full presentation of the new electric motorcycle for children Jackal 1000W 36V. This small cross bike has been equipped with a very powerful 1000W brush motor and 3, 12v batteries each with a total voltage of 36V which ensures very high performance. In addition, Jackal 1000W 36V has disc brakes at the front and rear and a plastic housing prote..
19 Sep Fun on electric mini quads - ECO Bigfoot & ECO Repti 800W 36V
0 2385
2.5-year-old Zuza and 4-year-old Kuba are having fun on electric quads. Zuza rides the Repti Deluxe 800W 36V electric quad bike at the slowest speed, Kuba rides the Eco Bigfoot 800W 36V electric quad bike at medium speed...
23 Aug Serval Prime 1200W 48V Electric Kids Dirt Bike in Action !!!
0 3303
11 year old Maja is testing the new electric dirt bike Serval Prime 1200W 48V from Nitro Motors. Serval Prime is equipped with a brushless electric motor with a power of up to 1200W, a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 48V and a capacity of 15ah, which will withstand from 1.5 to 2.5 hours of continuous driving, hydraulic disc brakes and sh..
16 Aug TIGER 1100W Electric Dirt Bike !! Video from Test Ride
0 2991
New high quality electric Dirt Bike Tiger 1100W 36V from Nitro Motors! Best-in-class children's electric motorcycle tested in rough terrain. The Cross is equipped with a small and light electric motor with a neodymium magnet with a capacity of 1100W, 36V lithium-ion battery, hydraulic shock absorbers and hydraulic disc brakes. Thanks to three ..
23 Apr 5-year-old Amelia practices on her first electric motorbike ECO Flee 250W
0 1759
5-year-old Amelia practices on her first electric motor - Eco Flee 250w 24V from Nitro Motors. At first, the girl rides on a slower run with the support wheels mounted, and then when she gained experience at a faster speed without side support wheels...
25 Jul ELECTRIC QUAD for 3rd Birthday. Repti 800W from Nitro Motors
0 702
Jakub received his first quad for his 3rd birthday. He got a Repti 800W electric ATV as a present for his 3rd birthday. He is unwrapping and riding his first Quad...
10 Jan A 3-year-old boy rides an electric Pocket Bike from Nitro Motors
0 2049
A 3 year old boy rides an electric pocket bike in the city between the houses. The electric Pocket Bike has a silent electric motor with a power of 800W and three 12V batteries with a total voltage of 36V. Electric vehicles are the perfect choice for people living in the city and outside the city...
26 Oct Video Review of Electric Pocket Bike 800W 36V from Nitro Motors
0 1752
Electric Pocket Bike 800W 36V from Nitro Motors. This small motorcycle is equipped with a very powerful 800w brush motor and 3 12v batteries with a total voltage of 36v. The Pocket Bike has enough power to be able to ride both children and adults. Its advantage over the combustion version is reliability and no generated noise...
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