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Mini BikesStore presents an electric version of the most popular Python Deluxe mini quad.Python Deluxe ECO 800W from Nitro Motors. The original 50cc internal combustionengine was replaced with the 800W electric motor with a similar power and three12V batteries, which in sum gives us 36V. Python Deluxe Eco 800W, like theoriginal Python Deluxe, has sport disc brakes, sport suspension and anexcellent sporty look and large 6" wheels. To ensure maximum safety foryour child, the Python Deluxe Eco 800W, like our all electric quads, has asafety switch and 3-level speed control. If you value the ease of use, silenceand cleanliness, while at the same time keeping sport performance, you musthave the Python Deluxe Eco 800W Quad!!


- 800W brushed motor

- 3x12V 12Ah batteries (36V)

- 3 level electronic speed restrictor 6km/h, 15km/h and 25km/h

- Safety foot switch

- Discbrakes

- Battery indicator

- Off Roadprofile tires

- Front and rear suspension

- Charger included

-Recommended Riders Age Group 3-8 Years Old

- Full support on our youtubechannel



Nitro Motors


36V 800W brushed


3x12V 12Ah


25 km / h


Forward / reverse gear



Charging time

6-8 hours


Up to 20km


Front & rear disc brakes




50 Kg

Max Load

65 Kg

Dimensions in mm



Seat height from the ground


Ground clearance

Recommended age group



Product will be send in the box almost fully assembled, you will be required to put few parts on (wheels, handle bar, mudguard etc.) Build time aprox. 15-40min. Please visit our youtube channel for instruction videos:

All Motorbikes and Quads sold by MiniBikes.Store must be operated in a responsible manner.

Children under the age of 14 must be supervised at all times.

Please have the correct safety equipment and clothing when using bikes or similar machines.

The use of any powered vehicle can involve the risk of serious harm or injury if not operated correctly.

All Motorbikes and Quads sold by MiniBikes.Store are not permitted on public roads or motorways.

In the event of these bikes being used on a public roads can result in criminal proceedings.


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