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Warranty & Return Policy

Please read carefully our Warranty & Return Policy.

By purchasing and using products from us you accept and agree to this warranty policy.


All our bike products are covered with 90 days PARTS WARRANTY ONLY  from the date of delivery.

At the delivery customer is required to check the product for any damage, if there will be damage to product customer must report it to the courier company and to us within 24h and provide pictures and details of damage. If not reported within 24hours damaged parts will not be replaced on the warranty.

If any part will be defective we will send replacing spare part free of charge during warranty period. We may require pictures or video of the defective part. Due to nature of our business the customer will be obligated to fit the part him self. The customer have the right to send the product to our warehouse for repair, the repair will be carry on by us free of charge but customer will need to cover shipping costs both ways.

Transport damage must be reported in writing within 24 hours of delivery and must be noted on the delivery note in addition to the signature of the consignee. We cannot be held liable for any transport damage reported after this period.

Minor blemishes such as slight scratches or abrasions on the articles can never be ruled out 100% and therefore no grounds for complaint.

If there are too many beauty defects on the articles, pictures must be submitted to us. We also reserve the right to send the customer a new cladding as soon as possible instead of replacing the item. In exceptional cases, it may take up to 6 weeks to supply a new cladding.

When you purchase bike product from us please visit our you tube channel “Mini Bikes Store” when you will find many videos how to assemble the bike, how to start the bike and much more:

Our bikes are technical and mechanical products, which require some knowledge and skill to use and maintain. You should not purchase our products unless you have an understanding of how to use and maintain them properly and you have proper tools to do so as they are not a toys.


When you are purchasing motorbike from us you are obligated to:

Perform daily check through the bike including: check all bolts/nuts/screws/ parts & spokes in the wheels and tighten them if needed.

Check air pressure in the wheels, oil level in the engine/gearbox before every ride.

Make sure engine is properly tuned at all times.

Keep the bike clean at all times, particularly air filter, cylinder, chain, carburetor and wheel bearings. (Mud on the air filter, cylinder or in the carb can damage your engine or cause engine to work improperly).

Use the bike in the normal domestic purposes only. Our bikes were not designed for high impact tricks or stunts. Do not over-use, run the engine on the maximum revs longer than 30 seconds, overheat the engine, use the bike if you find any loose parts/bolts/nuts/screws or wheel spokes or chain till you tighten them in.


We do not perform on the warranty: pump the wheels, tighten chains or any loose bolts/screws/nuts or wheel spokes, clean carburetors, air filters or spark plugs, weld or replace any damaged parts by accident, lack of maintenance or improper use, travel to customer’s houses.


Before you call us at any reason please refer to user manuals of your bike or visit our youtube channel where you will find many helpful videos :

If you are bringing the bike back to us at any reason the bike must be clean as it won’t be accepted.

If you bring the bike back to us on the warranty and we find that problem is due of a lack of maintenance, accident or improper use you will be charged for a service/parts.


The following parts are not covered by any warranty:

-Bodywork - batteries, pull starts or inner cogs, kick starts, clutches or springs, brake calipers, exhaust pipes, spark plugs, tires, wheels, valves, inner tubes, chains and belts (if bodywork is damaged during transport customer is required to report it to us within 24h of the receiving goods, provide details and pictures of the damage. we will then replace damaged parts free of charge)

Some of the items that are not included in the warranty may still be replaced at our discretion.

Plus any other parts of a similar wear and tear nature to those listed above and any part that has been damaged as a result of lack of maintenance or accidental damage.

If within any warranty period your machine develops a fault, you must first contact us and we will advise how to best rectify the problem and dispatch parts, without charge, during the first 30 days, providing the parts required are under warranty. Please note that customers will be expected to fit parts themselves, although guidance will be available.


Product Desription and Product Pictures:

We at Mini Bikes Store try to have product description, specification and pictures up to date best describing our products, but our manufactures made small changes to the products time to time, it may be small change in product color, design or specification. Customers must understand this. If the change is made in specification of the product our sales team will work with customer to find best solution for this situation.



If for any reason you need to return an item please first read the important information that follows:

All our bikes/quads have proper working 2 (4) stroke engines or electric motors, are not toys and a small amount of technical knowledge is needed to ensure the item runs smoothly. However, some beginners occasionally struggle when using their new purchase for the first time and therefore think there may be a problem. With a little help and advice from us many first time users, who thought they may have a problem actually find they were just making a simple mistake and that their model is in fact in perfect working order.




1. Items returned as new (before 14 days from the date of purchase) for a refund will be refunded in full, less of shipping cost. They must not be unsealed from their original packaging. If opened and used, then no refund will be given.

2. Items returned as new (before 14 days from the date of purchase) for a refund must be packaged carefully so that the original packaging is also as new. There may be a charge if an item is returned with a tatty box or the original packaging has not been used.

3. If an item is being returned as faulty and we find the item is faulty then we can refund your return postage costs, as long as we know how much it is going to be for the postage method that you have chosen and we email you back confirmation of the agreed cost, before you send the item back.

4. If an item is returned as faulty but we find that the item is in fact not faulty and that the problem is down to user error or lack of some mechanical knowledge, then there will be the charge of the return postage and there may be a charge if we feel that we cannot sell the product as new again.

5. We only use experienced engineers and all decisions regarding model faults are final. We ourselves have warranties on all our products from our suppliers so have no reason to be biased with warranty issues.

6. All returns must be in their original packaging/box, as there will be a cost if not.

7. No refund will be given for the shipping costs for unwanted goods.

8. No refund will be given for unwanted bikes if they have been used or damaged.

8. All returns are your responsibility until we have received them back in our warehouse and any damage in transit is your responsibility and this will affect your refund.

9. Minor blemishes such as slight scratches or abrasions on the articles can never be ruled out 100% and therefore no grounds for complaint.



What is not covered:


Normal wear and tear caused by use in accordance with the operating instructions. Accidental damage, faults caused by: improper use, careless operation or handling of the bike/quad/scooter, abnormal environmental conditions, overloading or insufficient maintenance. Use of the product for anything other than normal domestic purposes. Change or modification of the product in any way. Defects caused by the use of parts or accessories which are not manufacturer genuine components. Faulty installation if applicable. Repairs or alterations not carried out by ourselves.